We are specialists in the precision cutting of both ferrous and non-ferrous tube, pipe, bar, hollow, flat, wire and extrusion. At present we have 15 circular saws and 3 band saws, which enables us to turn your work around very quickly.

We can offer:

  • Large cutting capacity giving a fast turn around
  • Secondary processes including: punching, drilling, slotting, end-forming, swaging, pressing or bending.
  • Full range of end-finishing and cleaning options, including vibratory barrel de-burr, brush de-burr, shot blasting, chamfering and washing
  • Material diameters from 1mm to 460mm
  • Thin walled tubes from 0.25mm wall thickness
  • Cut length tolerances from +/- 0.1mm
  • Facility to straight cut and mitre cut
  • Batch traceability procedures to ensure batch and cast segregation
  • Easy off-loading of material in our large goods yard
  • 4 forklift trucks = minimal transport waiting times

If you would like to discuss our precision metal cutting services in the UK and for further information and pricing regarding our ferrous and non-ferrous tube, bar, hollows, flats, wire, extrusions or pipe cutting services then please call 01527 528925 or email

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